What We Offer

Event Management

– Prior coordination to hold the conference, determining the time and place, and manage the course of the conference program and the costs.

– Ticketing, hotel reservations, and transportation’s all over the world,including pickup and drop-offs.

– Program catering.

– Supplying the conference with all audio and video services, interpretation and communication, printing and advertising in newspapers and websites.

Translation / Interpretation

– Translation equipment’s for up to 500 Participant/ venue.

– Simultaneous translations.

– Multi lingual interpretation (up to 64 Languages/venue) including interpreters.

– Whisper translation.

– Legal translation.

– Written translation.

– Close caption.

Participant Registrations

– Creating registration forms.

– Branded registration tables with bar codes, and instant badge printing

– Periodic reports for on the process of registration and hotel reservation.

– Coordinating the activities and correspondence between the participant and the organizers.

– Registering domains, creating and managing websites, and emails.

– Taking care of all the requirements and needs of the participants in and outside of the conference.

– Managing breaks and entertainment.

Audio and Video Equipment

– Supplying all the multilingual simultaneous translations, interpretations, and legal translation.

– Processing special conferences and video conferences.

– Providing photography and videos for events and conferences.

– Recording and documenting the conference.

– Supplying screens and projectors.

– Audio equipment and Mic’s for all events, meetings and workshops.


Print management’s and materials including badges, abstract books, posters,vouchers, publications, banners, profiles, roll ups, stationeries, and all other printing materials.

Special Equipment and exhibition

Tables and chairs, partitions, signs, stages, offices, podiums , normal and royal tents, safety stands, exhibition booths and flags. Stage branded tables and couches.

IT Equipment's

laptops (MAC and Microsoft), scanners, printers, photocopier, faxes, flash memories, wireless internet, paper shredder, CD and DVD duplicators.

Lights and Stages

– Par cans Lights.

– DMX Lights.

– Moving Heads.

– Light mixers and illumination control.

– Light stands and cranes.

– Wood and carpet stages up to 200 m.sq.

– Lightened stages.

– Level Stages.

– Special stages for special events

Outdoor events and catering

– Different type of tents and different sizes for different occasions.

– Coffee breaks (boxes and buffet).

– Many type of cuisines (seated or buffet).

– Transportation ( privet ,Vans and buses).

Screens, Projectors and LED screens

– Adjustable size LED Display wide range of size and from P3 to P6. curved, from 1 to 100 m.sq.

– Different Lumen projectors ( 2500- 25000 ).

– Almost all sizes of screens, front and back projections.

– Wide variety LCD’s from 32″ to 80″.